Does Xeon X3210 work with the GA-965P-DS3 rev. 3.3

Hi there. I have spent a good hour surfing around asking about this on various sites, but I can't seem to get a clear answer.
Does the X3210 work in the GA-965P-DS3 rev. 3.3 ?

Most people seem to say it works in the GA-965P-DS3 generally, and some say it dosn't, any experts want to put an end to my quest? =)

I think some people are getting confused about revisions, I know r1 most likely wont work.
My bios version is F12 (latest) by the way.

Thanks in advance,
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  2. Anyone got any idea about this? Gigabte GA-965P-DS3 Rev 3.3
  3. It should work without a problem. Its just a kentsfield. I wouldnt pick one up not unless you are getting a good deal on one. You can get a q6600 GO for less or the next Xeon up the X3220.
  4. Thanks for your reply someguy, is the Item I'm looking at. Would you choose that or the Q6600, considering I have £20 store discount so I can get them for give or take exactly the same price.
  5. I would choose the Q6600, how ever XEON CPUs are (suppose) to be of higher bin than their counter parts so you may may not get a higher OC.
  6. If its a LGA775 Xeon its just a Core 2 binned as a Xeon thanks to the higher quality silicon. It should run with a bit lower volts but other than that they are almost identical.
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