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HI Guys,
These days I am feeling my Pc is going to slow. I hear some bad sound from my hard drive and it is a 7200 RPM drive. Is there any way to check my HD performance weather it is bad?

Any tools ?

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  1. Yes, if SMART is enabled on the drive you can use that to check its status. I use the program Speedfan which is for temperature monitoring but has a feature that will do a SMART scan of your drive. Also, who manufactured your hard drive i.e. seagate, western digital... because most have a bootable diagnostic utility that will scan your hard drive for problems.
  2. is there any third party tool to check performance ?
  3. He mentioned Speedfan. Even HDTune has a surface-scan function, which is probably what you're looking for.
  4. pls install seatool it will do different types of test for ur HDD.

    use it it is very usefull.
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