Will New GPU Cards Benefit?

Hi. Will be hopefully upgrading in October, but would like to know if new cards such as the 8800's would be of much benefit, particularly in gaming, considering my system.

Purchased three years ago from Overdrive PC.
AMD 3700+ oc to 2.6
SLI 7800 GTX's @256 ea.
Asus board
Raptors 74G in Raid 0
Memory 2G

Just read the article on benefit of upgrading GPU's, closest thing to mine was the 7950.

I'd appreciate an opinion from you folks. Wouldn't mind buying a couple of new cards before I upgrade.
Thanks much.
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  1. A new gpu would be of benefit, although unfortunately your cpu is likely to bottleneck any card that is significantly faster than your 2 7800gtx's.

    I would suggest getting a dual core x2.....i think they do some for socket 939?

    Then any card such as the 9600gt/8800gt would be a big improvement. I would steer clear od getting two in sli tho, your going to need a fast cpu to make benefit of the extra card.
  2. The new GPU GTX 200 series is benefit especially you are upgrading your GPU from 78 series. Besides that your AMD 3700+ is definitely the bottleneck to draw back the 3D performance of your system.
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