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I need help. I have a very slow interent connection. I have roadrunner cable internet. About 3 weeks ago it started to get ver y slow. I tried virus, ad, spy scans and they all come up clean. I tried speedtests and I get very high numbers( 21456 kbps download 456 upload). I even did a tracert and pinged various sites and the speed looks good there.
The problem is when I try to browse the sites they take a long time to load up. I also checked my router and it seems fine. ( I also connected modemd directly and still the same) I even called Timewarner about a million times and they keep telling me it "looks fine on thier end" Is there anything else I can do to check, like run other tests or check my system??

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. I have the same dilemma as do millions of people I think as well. Did you try different downloading software managers like

    1) Free download manager
    2) Flashget
    3) Rapidshare Manager

    Although cable companies tell you download speeds are ok etc. on their end and even give you a public download test software for you to check it may be problems in the area in general having bandwidth problems. Or It may be giving out too much signal resulting in your situation OR which I personally feel the company is not providing ENOUGH bandwidth altogether.

    The cable companies would not be able to make their money if they provided the minimum of 3 megabytes to 10 megabytes of bandwidth I say and so they tell you everything is alright on their end etc.

    It's a scam.

    I tried the 3 downloading managers and got only 200kb - 500kb per second download. A pc tech came as well to try and rectify the situation by terminating one of the splitters etc. and was good in the beginning, but ended up worse than before.

    It's a win win situation for the cable company.

    Good luck.
  2. Thanks I'll try one of those... I figured it was a scam
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