Questions about new build.

I recently bought some new kit and had a complete disaster with that set up. I'm now looking to go slightly less expensive, but more reliable.

I currently have a Q6700 1066 fsb that I voided the warranty on and can't return (yay), but since this is a fairly nice processor, and I cant put it into any other computer I have, I'd like to build around it.

I havn't built a computer since around 2000, so I'm kind of outdated on some technology. I'd like to know if this build would work and be stable.
And the CPU specs:

And if anyone is interested in my last disaster:
I could not get the thing to run stable for the life of me. I tried running at 1:1 fsb:dram, 1:2 fsb:dram, I tried OCing to 1333 for the cpu... nothing would let me use the computer for more than an hour.

Anyways, I hope that this time I've learned my lesson and ask the pros for help :D
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  1. I'd replace that eVGA 750i motherboard with a GA-EP35-DS3R or aBit IP35Pro or GA-EX38-DS4. With the X38 and a Q6700 you can reach 4 GHz easily.

    If you want SLI look at the XFX 780i or eVGA 780i.

    The OCZ Reaper is good RAM, no worries.
  2. What do you mean by disaster? FYI, nvidia admitted to sata data corruption on overclocked 790i. There's no reason to get 790i expect for a stock pc.

    Your intention for this build is overclocking? Then scrap the nvidia board. Pick up X38/X48 if you can afford it. Otherwise, look at P35. i.e. ASUS P5E or P5K-E.

    BTW, the ram is overpriced. Look for sub $100 2x2GB kits.
  3. I was looking over some other threads here, and I'll probably go with the IP35 Pro...
    I really loved the Dual Gigabit ethernet on the 790i. SLI shouldn't be much of a problem... Although I was looking at it to begin with (and I thought WOW TRIPLE SLI and it overrode my sense) I've been reading that theres not much of a performance boost. I was running Crysis with a 8800gt 512mb at 20-50 fps on veryhigh.

    The ram is overpriced, but with the rebate its only 112, not much over 100 :D.

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Just one more quick question... the GA-EX38-DS4, would I be able to use the Reaper ram posted above (PC2-8500) when the board is rated at PC2-9600. I'd rather make sure I'm not making another mistake and assuming that it'll just work :P (SLI, Dual GB)

    DOH i can read. x38 is xfire not sli haha ok.
    I'm going to just stick with the basics... IP35 + OCZ 1066 + Q6700 1066
    Thanks again.
  4. GA-EX38-DS4 is pretty decent. It shouldn't have problems with the Reaper. If the pc doesn't post, try each stick of ram in each of the slots. Once it posts, increase the ram voltage to 2.1v-ish & install the rest of ram.
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