Artic Silver on a stock cpu cooler?

Has anyone used artic silver compound on a stock cpu air cooler for the I7?

If so did it drop the cpu down from the the stock compound?

I have my 920 blck set to 167 and dram to 1339mhz, running prime for an hour my temps hang out about 74c. I have some artic silver, I am going to swap the oem compound out for the silver in hopes to lose a few deg.

What should I use to clean off the oem compound? I have read to use a piece of platic like a knife to remove most of it and then use rubbing alcohol to remove any left over film. I know you can buy special cleaners for this, But no store around me has it and Im looking to do this tomorrow
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  1. Buy a aftermarket cooler. Then use the AS on it. I wouldn't even bother putting any other TIM on it. Don't let the smoke out k?

    Alcohol from the walmart is fine for general non-professional un-experianced users. Artic Clean is the best stuff ever to clean any part for TIM and TIM tape application.

    Step back, put factory clocks back, buy a new HS, then play. You have alrady passed what the peeps recommend on that chip except for benching runs.
  2. ArctiClean rules.
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