New system, what do you think

C2D E8400
Asus Rampage Formula (include audio card)
G.Skill 4Gb PC8500
BFG 9800 gtx
seagate 500gb HD
Cooler Master Stacker 832
pioneer dvdr

:hello: I just ordered these parts yesterday, I'm feeling really good about the components that I've ordered, but I was wondering if anyone had any comments/concerns.
I guess the main one would be the graphics card. I'm purchasing the card for $325.99 plus a $25 mail in rebate (in canada), figured I would get the new tech, (rebranded tech). The cooler running temp, lower power consumption and comparable speeds helped to make the decision.

I don't plan on OCing, I think for what I've chosen already its going to be a beast. :D

I think that's it...

The total came to about CAN$1550 after taxes.
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  1. Looks great. If you overclock this beast, it will fly.
  2. Well the one thing I can nagg about is you not going for a WD6400AAKS.
    Since you're from Canada and I don't know your pricelist I'll skip that too.

    Good build, a pitty about the notoverclocking, you could have gone for a much cheaper board and it would have performed the same.

    Good luck.
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