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Just bought a new Seagate 7200.12 1TB drive from newegg, and after installing it the capacity reads 137 (*Edit: I mistyped, it displays a capacity of 127GB) GB... I ran "HDD Capacity Restore Tool" and it says there was no problem found and the drive was reporting 1000GB when in fact it still was not.

Any suggestions?

*Edit: I mistyped, it actually displays a capacity of 127GB
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  1. what kind of computer do you have (its age also)

    what size are your other hdd(s) you have installed

    What OS are you running.
  2. Get service pack 1 or 2 for XP to support 48-bit Logical Block Addressing.
  3. ^ Yes, Windows prior to XP, Service Pack 1 can only read hard drive capacity up to 137gig. It is a limitation of the OS, and was taken care of with the release of Service Pack 1 for XP.
  4. I just typed a big response explaining what everyone asked, but then I figured out what the apparent problem was. All I had to do was go to (In Vista) Device Manager -> Disk Manager, and I found that the drive had made all but 127GB unallocated...

    The problem:
    I am running a 320GB drive on the same computer that is dual booting XP SP2 and Vista. When I made the vista section I decided randomly that 170GB was a good amount for that side, which left the somewhat random 127GB left for the XP partition. Because I only own a vista "upgrade" I had to install XP as a proprietary step to installing Vista on the new 1TB drive. SOMEHOW despite the 320GB drive not being connected at the time, the 1TB drive was given only 127GB available. I luckily noticed that they were the same size after lots of struggling. Weird...

    Anyway, thanks for the responses!
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