Need advice on Optical Drives for new systems

The folks on this forum have convinced me to build instead of buy and I'm looking for some advice on components.

My system is going to have an Intel Core I7 920 CPU and my plan is to run Windows 7 Business Pro in 64-bit mode. My goal is to build a system with some staying power that will last many years. So here's my questions:

My current system has a DVD reader and a CD-ROM writer and in the new system I was thinking of going with an LG BLU-Ray Disc Rewriter for $190 and an LG DVD writer for $70. Some folks say that this is overkill and that BLU-Ray drives are just too expensive now and that I forget about the BLU-Ray for now and wait until the price comes down. I really have no immediate need for a BLU-Ray writer but again this is a system that I want to have some staying power. Thoughts?
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  1. I've just gone through the same decision process. I passed on the BR drive because I have no immediate need for it and I don't see a need for quite some time, if ever. I figure the $35 I spent on a cheap (Sony Optiarc) DVD burner will be more than paid back by getting a cheaper BR drive next year (in the unlikely event I'll want one).

    Don't fret about having to install a BR drive later if it's needed. Adding or replacing an optical drive is one of cheapest and the least complicated things you can do to a computer system. Just be sure that your case will have an available slot with a front opening for another drive (if you decide to keep the old one as well), and that it has a spare SATA connection that you'll be able to attach the drive to (PATA optical drives are already on the wane and if you wait to buy then you're almost certainly going to end up with a SATA one).

    IMHO optical media is slowly on it's way out, to be replaced by electronic distribution and the ever-decreasing cost of flash and magnetic storage.
  2. You might want to consider an intermediate option. If you wish to watch BR now, you can purchase a read only BR device that can also burn regular DVDs and CDs in the price range of around $100. Then you can watch BR now - and later - and maybe never have to replace unless for some reason you later develop a need to write them.

    Further, if you plan to cannibalize your current system, and have the space in the new, you mgiht transfer your existing optical drive for writing DVDs and purchase a read only BR drive.
  3. if you can wait on the bluray for more to come out and force them to drop the price and have better quality burners out there. it is like remembering the days that 4 x cd burner first came out in 1995 and was like 399 and then faster and faster to a limit of 52x or 58x then voila a dvd burner push them out, and now the bluray starting to show up at 999 then 599 then 299, and now 179 or 229 depending of the drives capability. and be careful is it a bluray reader and a dvd burner or a blu ray burner and dvd burner and cd burner. well you get what I am saying.

    some say multi drive but only read bluray and not burn them
    some are multi also that burner bluray dvd and cd. this tends to be a more expensive drive. but still have conflicts with certain disk.
    I have learn that my lg dvd burner does not burn all make of dvd blank media and my philips dvd burner does not burn all other makes too. compatibility issues with reading the blank disk.

    then wait otherwise just spent the 35 or 40 bugs for a good sata dvd burner since it is plenty for now. as for bluray well are you really going to be burning 25 or 50 gigs all the time. just get a external hard drive with the money you save. ie 1 Tera byte external drives are going for 150, and it is usb or esata.
  4. Right now, I have no need of BluRay either. My choices for DVD drives: First - Samsung, very close second, depending on availability - LG, third - anything else.

    And if you are getting an external drive, be sure to spend the few extra dollars for eSATA. The difference in speed over USB is worth it.
  5. Depends on your quality/price preferences. Plextor is the Cadillac of drives - but has matching Cadillac prices. I did not need a Cadillac and purchased a Pioneer drive - who has a long history with quality electronics. If I were buying today, I would go with another Pioneer - $31 OEM.

    Pioneer Black 22X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 12X DVD+R DL 22X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 12X DVD-RAM 40X CD-R 32X CD-RW 2MB Cache SATA CD/DVD Burner LabelFlash Support - OEM

    I did not want to take that last step down to $25 drives were every manufacturing is competeing on price to have the lowest - or fitting their offering into that price bracket. I purchased my Pioneer drive at $35 after reading a few very favorable reviews, but I do not see it listed on newegg (DVR-212DBG DVDRW - OEM).
  6. Refer to Blu-ray - I have the LG H20 sata drive which works fine. Bur as others have pointed out, unless you have a need I would hold off and just buy a good DVD writer.
    At this time the only real use on a desk top would be to copy a Blu-ray disk and reduce it's size to fit on a dvd (for playing while on travel/vacation on a laptop/portable player).

    Also you will proably need to purchase other programs (Lg comes with oldervewrsion) and you may want to purchase AnyDvd.

    In regards to standard DVD drives - in alot of cases there is not a nickles worth of diff. Just check out the revies on Newegg (and take with a grain of salt). In regards to Plextor - I have two and they are great drives (716 and 755 Sata). BUT Plextor got out of the DVD OEM market and ther drives are rebadged drives. I like the Samsung drives, Ppioneer are good with LG a close 3rd.
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