Help Overclocking Asus Rampage X48 E8600

Hi. I bought an Asus Rampage X48 Mobo and an E8600 processor, but I can't seem to be able to change the FSB Frequency in the bios. Does anybody have any experience with this motherboard? Thanks!
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  1. Hi there,you should simply have to scroll down to FSB frequency and manually type the new fsb you would like to attempt to run at or press shift and the plus sign (above the equal sign on your keyboard) for increases of 1 everytime you hit your plus button.I have this very same cpu on the very same mobo running at 4.4Ghz cooled by the thermalright ultra 120 extreme.Let me know if you need some help!
  2. I thought that I had to press enter and then change it... didn't realize you just had to select it and put in a number :P I am new to overclocking, I've only done very basic things. What settings would you recommend fiddling with to get the best results? Thanks for your help :)
  3. Hi. Would you mind copying the value you used in the tweaker? I don't really know what values to use to optimize this system. Thanks!
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