9800gx2 and Asus Striker II extreme problems

I waited allot to buy a new system, when the moment came i bought the best things i could find on the market:
VIDEO: 2x EN9800GX2 in sli
HDD: Seagate ST31000340NS 1TB
M.B.: Asus striker II Extreme
Memory: Corsair 2x2GB DDR3 16 TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHX
Power: Corsair 1000HX
I assembled the system but when powered i got one long beep and three shot, looked on the post lcd of the maiboard and it reported VGA BIOS ERROR.
Pulled one card off and started again, same message. Switched the slot and still got the vga bios error message.
Thinking the bios is kinda old and probably it can't recognize the 9800GX2 core i hoped a bios update was necessary. Called a friend with his 8800GTX and i managed to install windows vista 64bit, did the upgrade for the mainboard to the 0701 bios version and restarted the computer several times to see all is ok.
Then i replaced the 8800gtx with a 9800x2 card and hoped for the best, still dind;t worked :(, VGA bios error. Tried with the second 9800gx2 and the same error. Aflter this i installed the 8800GTX back hoping i can use the computer that day to finish my work, surprise: mainboard won't pass the CPUINIT and CHIPINIT phase. Tried to clear the CMOS but no result.
Any of you know what CPUINIT<CHIPINIT and VGA BIOS ERROR reffer to ?
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  1. Sounds like a mobo issue, or a bad CPU. Have you OC'd the CPU? I would imagine you would not have it OC'd it if you were having probs, but you never know. The fact that you are now having other codes displayed during post leads me to believe that your issue may be non video related. Maybe power?
  2. No OC, computer didn't worked with the 9800GX2 from start.
    Power, i doubt it, the PSU is on nvidia PSU compatible list for 9800GX2 and has both 6 and 8 pin cables, plus it has 1000w.
  3. 780i boards dont like the new quads. You can thiank Nvidia for that.
    Sucks to spent $$$$ and it dont work.

    You could of got the same performance for $1000 less. :sarcastic:
  4. Roadrunner...at least you got right to the point. :)

    I'm not sure if the 780i's allow a BIOS update to support the new quads or not...

    All the above is why I stuck with a Q6600 and a P35 chipset.
  5. You have to have your LCD connected into the DVI thats cloest to the HDMI it will ot work on the other DVI. Try that and get back to me, you could always PM me.
  6. It doesn;t matter where i connect the LCD, it tried even on the HDMI, still got the vga bios error.
    Keep in mind that i can;t enter bios to set options, i get only the 2 stupid post messages now. (CPUINIT< CHIPINIT)
    Guys, ASUS STRIKER II EXTREME has 790i ultra sli chipset not 780i ! I bought the striker II knowing it supports quad sli, beside i have all the system cooled by water and the striker comes water-ready.
  7. Did you find a solution, cause I've got the same problem here. VGA BIOS error with a tested and working EVGA 9800 GTX card. Tried all BIOS versions, tried another PSU, tried another PCI-E slot, tried an 8800GTX and an 7900GT and they work. I wonder of the combination of S2E and this Corsair memory causes any sort of conflict with the video memory or G92 cards...

    My specs: Striker ii Extreme, Q9550, 2x2GB Corsair GDDR3-1600 C7, EVGA 9800 GTX, Enermax Galaxy 1kW
  8. Guys,

    I know this a late reply but I had the exact same problem and the solution is strange but it worked.

    I tried everything from re-seating all cards and RAM etc... then I though, hang on, is it my DVI to VGA cable. So I got a DVI to DVI cable and plugged it into a diff. monitor and no luck. I then tried another different DVi to DVI cable... and low and behold no more VGA beep errors and it booted perfectly!

    So check your cable.. I know all DVI cables should have worked, but they didnt for me. I spent over 3 hours trying to get this to work.
  9. Install only one stick of ram and one 9800GX2 and dont install the supremefxII sound card till later .If the ram stick you installed doesnt work, swap it with the other one incase its dead and try every ram slot each time to see if it still posts an error message.The less you have on the board at the initial setup the better.Make sure your 9800gx2 is seated properly , dont screw the card in, and after each fail try and move the card abit to make sure its in right as this could post the VGA Bios Error. Also plug the DVI cable in the bottom plug of the 9800GX2.
    Cpuinit means that the cpu has not passed an overclock, incorrect voltages,faulty cpu etc. Make sure you have enabled the CMOS reset switch on the bottom right of the mobo, otherwise when you click the button on the back of the board to reset it, it wont work. Load the default settings on the bios if you can get into it. Goodluck hope this helps you, just try every option you have to isolate what the problem is. Even if you have to try different ram.You could also have a faulty mobo.
  10. i read on my mobo,s user manual that 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps means there is no video signal.I think this EN9800GX2 card needs alot of power to run it.My psu is rated 1000watts and im still having problems getting a display before even getting to bios.Im going to try research for a answer or ill just trash this card.Youseem to have a much better mobo than mine i to just dont understand.Good luck even though this is a late replie. :heink:
  11. The solution is easy mates:

    Just go to asus homepage download the latest bios.. install it into flash memory.. install the bios and thats it..

    I know that all new asus mainboards have this prob...(i had it too with my strikerIIextreme)

  12. Quote:
    The solution is easy mates:

    Just go to asus homepage download the latest bios.. install it into flash memory.. install the bios and thats it..

    I know that all new asus mainboards have this prob...(i had it too with my strikerIIextreme)


    Well one thing is sure, i will NEVER buy asus products again, i bough another Striker after reporting the problems earlier this year because when i removed the cpu i managed to bent a pin on the board with my sweater somehow and no more warranty.
    The new striker is making problems again, won;t accept a sli configuration. One day i got a BSOD and then after restart i was running on Standard Adapter driver and my 9800GX2 was labeled Stopped, error code 43.
    Idea is no SLI is working on the MB, as soon as i insert a 9800GX2 or 2x9600GSO i get a BSO and then Standard adapter after restart.
    I downgraded the memory speed from 1600 to 1066 and for my surprise it worked for 3 days. Now the same problem at this memory speed too. NO memtest errors.
    I hate my stupid expensive computer, never going to buy asus again, i send detailed info to customer service and they asked me if i plugged the cpu power adapter in. They should replace the apes that put precompiled answers with engineers, i bought a top of the line product!
    PS: latest bios, drivers, windows updates, clean system etc
  13. Bios 1107, Vista Ultimate 64bit EN->SI, SP1

    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2
    Driver version:
    Digital Signer: Microsoft windows hardware compatibility publisher

    Sometimes on Bios Startup recognize my CPU (Q9550) as dual 1.6 Ghz!?!?!
    In BIOS auto mode recognize my 1333MHz DDR3 as 1066Mhz or less.

    Othere wise I also ha-d/ve the same problem.
    And then .... one day the MB stop working. I send it to the service and they to official servise in CZ. After 2 week I get an answer that it is irrepareable. So I bought another one. But then the One Graphic Card failed. They send it too to CZ. I'm waitting now. :I

    At the moment I have only one Graphic card.
    The computer looks like works, but don't. Almost unpossible is to see 3D graphic or game that support directX even in normal mode just freeze and I don't know why. I successfully managed to run 3DMark only one's and with just one card (cca 15-16k).

    OMG, the graphic driver stop.... and autorepaired :) Sometime freeze a GPU, SMT ALL
    I even can not play the game that came with :P

    And the most important is that I don't see the pictures in Photoshop CS4 MC; till I don't move them :'( All software is legal! So do hardware. And they all said that it is compatible with.

    My specs:
    Striker II Extreme,
    Q9550 (Quad 2,83GHz=),
    4x2GB OCZReaperX DDR3-1333Mhz,
    Quad SLI 2 x Asus EN9800GX2,
    VideoEditing Card Matrox RT.X2,
    Thermaltake 1500W,
    2x 150Gb Raptor,
    2x 300Gb Velociraptor - Raid 0,
    Bluray rec. 2bay monoLCDmonitor
    Thecus N3200 Raid5 3x1TB WD (Ext NAS)

    Almost forgot:) for display 2 x 24'' (1920 x 1200)
    It 'work' (don't work) totaly diferent when I use 1 or 2 monitors.

    Liquid cooled (CPU, RAM, NB, GPU)
    Case: Thermaltake Armor+ LCS

    Iam F...grrrehh"#%$-+&/(:€}@::..with stability from OCT08,
    When'll the Gcard come back I will give everything to the service if they can managed or solve it.

    Hope that they will solve the problems with new uppdates ASAP.
  14. I bought this board myself. I went into my local independent (but HUGELY reliable PC store in sept of last year) and asked for a custom built system with the best of the best spec. Money not being an issue.

    My full spec is:

    Asus Striker II Extreme board

    Intel Quard Core processor at 2.80ghz (can't give you more information on that at the moment)
    4gb DDR3 Ram (Corsair)
    Nvidia GTX 260 GPU
    Western Digital 10000rpm raptor drive (for booting/installations)
    Maxtor 1tb drive (for storage)

    The spec has worked a dream for me. Fast as hell, can run more or less any game at top spec without any problem (Crysis being the only exception, with frame rate problems at highest settings, needs to be taken down a notch. Though there's no obvious graphical difference).

    I have never experienced any of the problems that have been mentioned with these boards. This may be because I had my system store built by professionals who know what they're doing.

    Ironically though. I am currently waiting for my board (or new replacement) to return from manufacturers due to freeze-up problems. This, however, is more likely to be a duff model than a problem with the entire range. Other than that ocassional freeze-up however, it ran like a dream. Couldn't ask for better. (Store provided me with a temp lower spec board and 2gb DDR2 Ram until I get my board back btw)
  15. j800r,
    You didn't mention what kind of OS are you using.
    As I saw you use only 4 GB of RAM so I think that You use 32 bit OS (Vista or XP)

    1. The main problem is that Vista 64bit don't support all 'new' top hardware,
    but SUPPORT MORE THAN 4GB RAM, that's why I bought it.

    2. You use ordinary single GPU which is newer - higher but worse than double GPU.
    9800GX2 is Graphic Card with build in two GPU in SLI mode, so in my case I had Quad SLI (4 GPU).

    3. Nov I am using BIOS 1204 but MB still don't recognize real frequency of my DDR3.
    I must overclock it to work it as they are built for. My memo is not SLI ready but should work.

    I must mentioned that my 1st MB didn't work well. We have changed the settings so long until it stopped working. ASUS didn't accept the warranty. So I Bought the 2. MB in the store. But also this MB didn't work - It worked just like the first MB. The serviser said that it is fake and bring the 3rd card.

    Now I use the 3rd MB and it's work much better. The drivers final supported hardware as it should. But the computer freeze too often.

    So the serviser increased voltage of DDR3 to 1.94 V (1,85V is default for my RAM), and the North/South bridge to cca. 1.6 V..
    Now it is only occasionally happen that freezes. I can play 3D graphics games now. And Picture in Photoshop is visible. But I use nVidia GPU drivers instead of older Asus.

    This MB is made for overclocking, but in my case it is only stable under normal settings.
    As soon I overclock it, it lost stability.
  16. does your motherboard that comes up when you start the pc have bad grapfics?
    because mine does, right from the begining that i start my pc i see that there is graphic problems. i personaly belive that it is a hardware problem sence the problem begins even before the bios
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