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Hello, i am a newbie here but i have a question. I know there's a sticky for the best graphics cards for price and interface type; however i only have PCI slots in my computer. I did some research myself, but its hard because i am currently stuck on dail up. I am looking ot upgrade my GeForce FX5500 to something better. What I found was this:

My question is, is this the best i can get for PCI only, or am I just not finding something thats better? Any help is greatly welcome and thank you in advance!
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  1. The best PCI card is the Radeon X1550, which is absurdly overpriced (>$100).

    However, such a card will be bottlenecked by the bus. That brings me to my recommendation, if you're gaming, buy a new computer. No PCI-based card will play any recent game at enjoyable resolutions, details and framerates.

    I have a question for you, however: What is your intended use of the computer? This will determine what recommendation can be made for your situation.
  2. I think the best you can get for a PCI system is a HD2400 Pro. It's a decent upgrade from a FX5500.

  3. if your gonna be gaming, your definitely gonna want something that has a pci express slot...i suggest you start saving for new rig build :) ...look at the bright side though; gaming comps have never as cheap to make as they are today
  4. I do plan on getting a new computer within the next year or so; I am looking to upgrade my graphics card as more of a stopgap until that time. Since I am on dail up (which rarely achieves more than a 26kbps) I do not do a lot of gaming with the newer games out there; however we are planning to buy our first home (another reason i dont buy a new rig right now, getting a mortage when your young and have little credit history is not easy right now!) and will be having fasteer internet and I am looking to start doing more of the new games. Also, i plan on getting Spore whenit comes out in september (the hopefully the creature creator next month) and my FX5500 is not supported.
  5. The performance change from 5500 to 6200 is minimal.
    I would save the money for something else.
  6. I have an old Voodoo 4500 laying around somewhere... :)
  7. The 2400Pro would be fine for just about anything out there right now, if you keep the resolution low.
  8. So I guess that narrows it down to do i get the Powercolor or the Diamond brand? They dont seem that much different to me besides the price (which may be from the added accessories the Diamond ships as well?)
  9. Wow, a 2400 on PCI, I guess I don't keep up with the GPU news on that interface. That Powercolor looks like a heck of a deal, I'd go for it. What's the rest of your setup (curiosity)?
  10. at work right now, but i am (99%) sure that I am running XP on a Intel P4 2.79ghz, 1.5 gigs of ram. i'll tiple check after work, not use to working mornings so my minds a bit ont he slow side!
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