ASUS P5Q Pro, Intel E8400, Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5D

i turn on my PC, 1 second after pressing the power it shuts off, then 2 seconds later, by itself, turns on again & boots. wtf, insufficient power?

changes ive made
FSB 379
DRAM Volt 2.2
Core Volt ~ 1.26-1.28
NB Volt ~ 1.36-1.38
disabled spectrums
disabled speedstep
disabled c1 support

should i add/remove voltage to my NB or core you think that could help? Ive read safe core V is 1.36 max. NB volts, 1.4 corsair claims to be safe. Or is the problem somewhere else?

Additional Details:

When i plugged in just my monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it booted fine. I had this happen to me after plugging in all my devices into the back of my computer(headset, coaxial cable/fm tuner/remote sensor). I recently flashed my bios, but this happened while OC'ing .

Intel E8400 (e0)
XFX 9800GT
Corsair 750 W PSU
Corsair Dominator TWIN2X2048-8500C5D (two kits 4x1gb) w/ reduced speed due to my overclocking 758mhz right now.

prime95 for ~ 15 minutes 0 errors
coretemp showed ~ 64 C
memtest @ 726mhz gave 0 errors in 1 pass
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  1. It happens on my P5Q pro too, but I noticed it only happens in two scenarios: when i go crazy with OC settings, than it fails to boot and switches off, and in like 2 secs goes back on and boots with DEFAULT settings. The other scenario is that i hit reset button while loading the OS, the outcome is the same
  2. odd thing is when it booted up immediately after shutting itself off, the OC remained.

    i rebooted and changed all my voltages to auto, except my DRAMv remains at 2.2. I also re-renabled speedstep, c1 support, and spectrums. after a cold boot up it didnt repeat the on off on sequence.

    considering my 4x1gb RAM configuration, maybe i ought to manually set some voltage values?

    Anyone with a similar setup (p5q pro/4x1gb [TWIN2X2048-8500C5D]) provide some suggestions?

    Consider my stock intel HS/F and e0 stepping. To OC to 3.6 GHz I ought to gradually bump my FSB to 400 while testing with prime95 & memtest. I'd also drop my Ram freq to 667, so when the FSB is 400 i'll be @ 800 MHz. Think i ought to manually set some voltages too?
  3. I prefer to have cpu voltage set manually as i had really poor results with OC of my e5200 on auto, but i keep all the others on auto and for now i think you should do the same. Try vcore above 1.3v and see if it makes any difference. You dont really risk anything, many people are running their e8400s above 1.4v, just watch your temps. Your dram voltage seems a bit high though, considering relatively low speed you run it at.
  4. This has been typical of the Intel chipset MOBOs for quite some time now. It goes back at least to the 965/975 chipsets. IIRC, my 925 board did it too. It'a annoying but it's not a terminal problem. I don't know if there is a fix or not. It relates to your OC and the chipset straps.
  5. that same thing just happened, "turn on my PC, 1 second after pressing the power it shuts off, then 2 seconds later, by itself, turns on again & boots w/ OC remaining"

    i had several cold boots with no problem. after opening my case to add a DVD Rom, but in the end deciding not to, the boot problem occured. i changed nothing. so this seems to be isolated to me opening my case and closing it. i didnt remove or add any cables/hardware. i did however ground myself a few times by touching the PSU screws, and also felt my RAM and CPU HS/F and GPU just to see how warm they were.

    so i guess ill look into the straps tonight. thanks, yellowbeard, got any other ideas?

    ive also read about PLL voltage and GTL reference being very useful tools, but havent read much about people using them with OC's, so i left them at auto.

    Additional Good News:

    got to 3.6 GHz and 800MHz after many tests and FSB boost to 400. Manually set vCore to ~1.2+ and DRAM to 2.2(ram's spec).

    memtest gave 0 errors in 2 passes.

    prime95 over night gave 1 error after 9 hours when my tv tuner card started recording something. think i ought to be concerned and rerun the test?
  6. I am not sure if Intel or the MOBO makers ever completely got rid of this or not. You may want to check with ASUS if it is a major concern. It has been annoying for me in the past while benching but, I don't reboot much during normal usage so I pretty much ignored it.
  7. im calling asus right now. wow 26 minutes on hold, i hear the guy pick up, say "thank you for holdi--." then *click*. hahaha god damn it, i only get 500 minutes / month. trial #2...
  8. oh my god. ive lost all respect for asus tech support. :pfff: :non:

    i got some hip hop ebonic slang speaking guy who was completely useless and didnt listen to what i would tell him.

    second guy was alright, but the final conclusion we came to was "sometimes computers are just that way!"

    corsair, you have all my respect. :D :bounce: i called them up next cause its their PSU im using and they reaffirmed what you said yellow beard... did i speak with you ?! :pt1cable:

    they said its a problem with the p45 chipset. it shouldnt harm the system, but i should keep an eye on it. said it had something to do with the southbridge and its been happening with almost, if not, ALL P45 boards theyve tested.
  9. No it was not me on the phone but, all of the guys that it could have been know their stuff. And, like I said, this has been a (characteristic? feature? symptom? problem?) with Intel chipsets since at least the 925s. You should be fine.
  10. final question to the community is that when i first posted this topic, i believe i set the option to set this thread as "resolved" or something like that. there was an option to end my post as "solved". did i imagine this? if not, id like to know how to retire the topic.

    hail to the beard's omnipotent power.

    ps: sorry for making you say the same thing three times *bows down to a true pimp*
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