Trying to fix a user account but needs help?

I am trying to repair my user account. However, I need your help in step 6 of the instruction:

6. Select all of the files and folders in this folder, except the following files:

What I can find similar files in my folder are:

ntuser.dat (DAT File)
ntuser.dat.LOG1 (LOG1 File)
ntuser.dat.LOG2 (LOG2 File)
NTUSER.DAT{3a......}.TM.blf (BLF File)
NTUSER.DAT{3a......}.TMContainer000.....1.regtrans-ms (REGTRANS-MS Files)
NTUSER.DAT{3a......}.TMContainer000.....2.regtrans-ms (REGTRANS-MS Files)
ntuser (Configuration Settings)

Can you tell me which files I should not select

BTW, I got the instructions from this:
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  1. You can skip selecting all of the ones with ntuser in them.
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