Internet explorer crash after installing ie 8

I installed internet ex. 8 today. my internet ex. 7 crashed and I can't get to the internet despite a good connection. It goes to a blank white screen ( shows no "connecting") then skips back to my desktop.How can I reinstall ie 7? I have already tried a system restore.
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  1. Without seeking to appear a smart*rse, might I mention that Firefox is probably a better browser than IE7 -- though IE8 is getting good comments. Opera is quick though I'd wait for v. 10 (as on v 9 I had probs after a recent update) .
  2. I agree with you fihart, but the man wants to use IE! :P

    OP, try downloading the Internet Explorer 7 installer here if you're using XP.

    If you're using Vista, try going to Control Panel, then uninstalling Internet Explorer through Add/Remove Windows Components. Hope this helps!
  3. I had the exact same problem with my laptop the end of last week. I traced the problem and it was the automatice update for windows to install IE 8. Simply installing firefox or IE 7 will not resolve the problem; been there done that. Go to the "Accessories" option under start, and go to the folder that says "System Tools." Once there you will see an uption to restore system. This is what you need to do.

    If you have your windows updates set to automatically run, than IE 8 will continue to install itself even after you have gone back to IE 7. When you go in to restore your system you will be prompted to select a restore date. Select a date prior to the IE 8 install. The restore will take about 10 minutes to complete, than when your computer reboots you will be able to access the internet again (system restore does not impact other files, only removes your updates). Be sure that once your computer reboots you go into your "Windows Updates" settings and select the option which prompts the computer user to download and install the updates when desired. This will prevent IE 8 from automatically loading. If there are any other available updates shown you can install them, but do not install IE 8.

    Microsoft is having so much trouble with IE 8 that they are now offering free one time tech support (1-800-642-7676) for problems with IE 8. For now, I will not be installing IE 8.
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