Driver Problems?

Hello, I'm hoping one of the intelligent minds that inhabit these forums might know a solution for a driver problem that is plaguing me. I get seemingly random lock-ups. Sometimes there are small white bars on the screen when the computer locks-up(see photo)

q6600 stock
evga 750i
9600 gt sli
vista 64 bit sp1
ocz 4gb 800mhz
cooler master 1000w real power

The computer doesn't freeze in bios, safe-mode or when I have no display drivers loaded. I have tried driver versions 175.16 and luck.

My windows and bios is completely up to date.

Anyone encountered these problems before?

I am all out of ideas and am losing hope. I'm about to swear off nvidia and become an ati fanboy for good.

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or jokes at my expense.
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  1. Does it still occur when you take out one of your gfx cards and loop 3DMark?

    I only say coz it sounds like a knackered or overheating gfx card to me. I say knackered first coz the overheating is normally random artifacts followed by either a system recovery, system freeze or no video output. Also the white bars don't seem to be like any other artifacts I've seen.

    Your not overclocked atm and you've got a 1000W PSU which is a tab overkill :). So lack of power or dodgey BIOS settings is unlikely.

    Maybe also try removing one of your RAM sticks. Doubt that'll be it, but it's another quick check.
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