Core2Quad-Q6600-Heating Problem

Hey guys
i recently assmbled a Q6600 Core2Quad system
my room tempreture is about 27c but when i boot my computer my CPU tempreture is 90c and if i start working it goes up to 102c
but my machine works fine without freezing or giving any problem
i have used the normal CPU cooler which was provided by intel and i checked many times whether the heatsink is seated properly on to the processor
please let me your your feedback regarding this
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  1. Are you overclocking? I still think it could be the cpu cooler seating not properly.
  2. 90c is really bad if you didnt know lol. use a diff program like coretemp, see if the reading are real or not. if they are, is there thermal paste on the heatsink?
  3. It sounds like that reading is false. I believe the cpu/machine will shut itself down before the temps got that high.
  4. i'm not overclocking
    i'm pretty sure that the reading are correct, since i got these readings from the BIOS
    also i used a program called HWmonitor which i downloaded from
    i have applied thermal paste and the heatsink is fitted tight
    but i can work without any problem, only diffference i see is that my CPU usage is always 30% and it never goes below that
  5. If those temps are accurate then shut that thing down and reseat your HS or buy a new one. You will damage the CPU. It should be shutting down at those temps.
  6. Either the reading is wrong or its the heatsink/paste isnt installed properly(which i highly doubt). The cpu at stock or OC should not even be close to those readings. Should be a tad bit more then half you what your reading is now. Just cause its from the bios doesnt mean diddly squat. The CPU is make to throttle down/shut it self off its that hot. It is NOT 100C. And your 30 percent load all the time is a software problem(malware or useless crap running a muck).
  7. Did you install the CPU cooler *before* you put the motherboard in the case? If not, chances are that the CPU cooler is not quite fully seated. Take the MB out of the case and reinstall the CPU cooler, after cleaning it and the CPU and applying fresh thermal compound. Here's a post that may be useful:
  8. Thanks alot for you help
    you guys are great, no wonder this forum is the best in the world
    i got really quick feedback
    thanks again guys
    i actually fixed my heat sink while it's on the motherboard :-(
    today im gonna remove it and do it
    i will check it and update this thread

    Thanks again
  9. Oh btw
    does any1 know from where i can watch the intel video on how to install the cooler
    it's mentioned on the link given by Mondoman
    if you know please be kind enough to share with me
    Thanks alot
  10. I got the same cpu and i never got a problem from overheating or anyting mine works like a dream.
  11. Would be nice to know what motherboard you are using. The BIOS can report completely wrong temps. Also what did HWMonitor read for the core temps?
  12. My Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
    Tempreture which was read by the hwmonitor was exactly same as what was on the BIOS
    sumthing wrong somewhere
    my Gigabyte Geforece 8400 GS shows 80c tempreture on Vista with aero enabled
    Motherboard shows about 50-60c
    anyway i'm only worried about the Processor at the moment
    actually i dont have any idea about the tempreture of hardware components
    so i'm gonna first try to fix the processor based on the instructions given to me
    i would be really glad if i can view the video mentioned by "Mondoman"
    anyway thanks alooot you guys have helped me alooot
  13. I think you read the CPU temperature in HWMonitor and not the core temperatures. They should not be the same as the BIOS reads (low chance anyway). Are you reading the top or bottom temps as indicated below (it will look a little different for you of course)

  14. im sure of what i read...but i will take a screenshot and attach it here 2dy...
    apart from hwmonitor any other good software that i can use, to check on my hardware ?
  15. Also, is there any1 using the ordinary Heat-Sink given by Intel for their Core2Quad
    most ppl i see that they change the heat-sink
    im wondering whether there's sumthing wrong wit the heatsink
  16. Yes, the push pin mounting design is junk. The pins often don't fully seat or pull out.

    This will read the core temps. Real Temp
    Don't forget to read Real Temp - Documentation

  17. Im using Core 2 Quad Q6600
    My CPU case gives my pc temperature reading.
    it usually goes to 30.9C or sometimes 48.8C.
    IS it a problem?
    pc works fine.
  18. Uh, try using the Real Temp Program I just posted. Also, you should Start a new thread to avoid a hijack of this one.

    Oops, your the OP.
  19. Quote:
    My Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R

    I have a couple of the DS3x motherboards, one with a Q6600. I had a problem with the stock HS on that one and could never get the temp at load below 70c. I gave up and installed a thermalright ultima 90 and load temps are in the low to mid 40s.

    There was nothing obviously wrong with the HS or the MB but every attempt to reseat it did not resolve the problem.

  20. OMG...i cant beliv it
    my processor works lyk a charm
    i reseated my processor
    thanks aloot for every1...
    now what i want is to check whether my brand new processor got damanged
    coz it went up 2 102C

    is there any software that i can use to diagnose and check whether my CPU is working properly
    Thanks again
  21. Run prime95 v25.6 for a couple of hours and see if it picks up any errors.

    Make sure to select stress testing and the small FFT test. When you start it, go to the Advanced menu at the top and enable Round off checking.
  22. After that, run it again in "blend" mode (or with larger FFTs, to stress RAM as well).
  23. Thanks alot guys
    u guys are the best
    thanks again
  24. Congratulations.
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