eVGA 8800 GT and Inspiron 530

Okay, picked up an insprion 530 with the q660 about 2 weeks ago, the first think i did when i got home was order an eVGA 8800GT superclocked edition. Well i have been waiting for it to arrive, and it finnally did today! So i take apart the case and find the pci e slot for it only to figure out that it will not fit. Does anyone else have any experience with this combination of hardware? If you do how did you remedy the situation? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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  1. What motherboard?
    I mean the motherboard of your system
  2. an actual model number would help, can look up motherboad with that info. Sometimes (depending on mobo) it's possible to move SATA cables to allow room to fit. Also some 8800s graphic cards have a shorter board then others (Gigabyte) uses a shorter board.
  3. Dell is all propriatary so you're possibly screwed on this matter!
  4. Here's a previous thread about the Inspiron 530 and video card. One owner of that system says he can only use a single slot video card. Not sure if this thread will help you. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/248014-33-upgrade-video-card-dell-inspiron
  5. Ok so you say it doesn't fit? Do you mean it doesn't fit in the PCI-E slot, the length of the card is to long, or something else? Please clarify.
  6. I have a Dell E510 and a 8800GT and it works fine. but I have no clue how close they are togetheir
  7. I've had people on here talk about the Inspiron 530s which is the slim model. Maybe this is what he means?
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