What does 'NETORK 4" mean?

I am trying to troubleshoot why my printer is not working anymore. What does "network 4"mean?
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    It simply means there have been three other networks set up on that PC since the last time Windows was installed. With your existing network, that makes four altogether. The other 3 networks may all be redundant (not used anymore) but they are still in the Registry.

    If you care to descibe in more detail what problems you are having with your printer we will try to help. Please start a new thread when you post regarding your printer. If you post on this thread people will be less inclined to reply.
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  3. Thanks for the info. But, still having problems with my printer. In fact, my whole computer is wacked. I did sign up with "system mechanic" to fix my computer, but the guy that was working on it gave up, I believe??????
    I still need to get back to them........................soon..................

    I try to get into my account (as administrator) but it will not let me. Says "user profile cannot be loaded" I watched them work on my computer, and he stated that I had over 6000 files on my computer that were there from playing games, that he COULD NOT DELETE.

    Really messed up, I know. I cannot even delete any programs anymore????????????

    Reply if you want.

    Thanks though.
  4. I would perform a complete re-install of Windows if I were you. This can be either from a Windows installation CD or by using the Recovery process for that computer (Recovery CD or a hidden recovery partition on the hard drive).
  5. Probably a good idea! I do have the CD's. I used them before. Can I use them again?

    Thanks so much
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