Installing XP for use on a different computer

Hey guys.

One of my friends needs his HD replaced, but he's not very computer savvy. I offered to get a new hard drive, install XP, and send it out to him so he could pop it in the laptop. He's sending me his OEM disk for installation.

His laptop is an HP Pavilion ze-4600; he took the drive out and got me the SN: MK4025GAS. This looks like an ATA-133 drive...which is the same as ATA-7, correct?

I'm planning on purchasing this drive and this adapter so I can hook it up to my SATA mobo connectors.

I'm worried that 1) the drive won't work with his laptop, and 2) after installing XP with my computer, his computer won't work with it properly. Doesn't the MBR have mobo-assigned attributes that won't necessarily work with other computers? Any advice or alternate solutions would be great. Thansk for your time :).
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  1. My dad reported on bringing his desktop to the shop for repair, where they had to replace the mobo. At no time did they touch the hard disk, so when my dad got it back, he was able to boot up normally. The only catch was that he had to call me for help, since the computer was asking for the motherboard drivers.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Hmm..that's reassuring. This poor guy hasn't had a working computer for a couple weeks now . I'm worried that he'll get this in the mail and then it won't work :cry:.
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