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I just reinstalled windows xp on a computer which was having problems with win xp installation. I do not remember how I reinstalled it but I somehow forgot to save a few data files
I would like to have kept. Does anyone know of any utilities including freeware and non freeware to try to scan the hard disk and recover the files in case they still exist and the problem is that they are just not indexed by the file system?
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  1. System reinstallation or restore won't make the previous files deleted permanently. I think the files you forget to save is still on the hard disk of your computer. In this case you can rely on utilities, more specificly file recovery software to help. Here I list some both freeware and shareware for your reference.

    Freeware -->
    Recuva -
    PC File Inspector -
    Shareware -->
    Wondershare Data Recovery -
    Easeuse Data Recovery Wizard(recover 1 GB data free of charge) -
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