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Hey everyone,

After recently installing a Radeon HD 4850 my computer acts a bit strange when it boots up, the MSI logo shows up in the beginning and then shows me my realbit boot agent and then flashes back to the bios picture. It never did this before, and having OCD, it bothers me a great deal. It's like the picture (of the big spaceship) where you can set the bios options appears more than it is supposed to. I'm rather new with the whole hardware world so I'm coming to the experts. Thanks in advance for your help.


P.S. I recently had gone through a whole bunch of driver uninstalls, and re-installs for my new video card because vista kept trying to install my old drivers.


MSI K9A Platinum
AMD Athlon X2 5400+
3GB Ram
HD Radeon 4850
Radeon 1950 Pro (not crossfired, used for 3 and 4 monitor support)
Vista 32-bit
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  1. Hi kylazin
    Look brother i have a MSI K9A Platinum with a HD3870 and it does the same thin after a update the bios to 1.4 it did the same when I had a X1900XT so, don´t think is something to be worry
  2. the realtek Thing sound like the LAN BIOS... You should be able to disable it in the BIOS menus (can't remember where exactly). Also, don't disable the LAN Option... ;) just the LAN BIOS... (It's for booting over a network)

    For whatever reason, MSI enables this on ATI Chipsets, but disabled on Nvidia Chipset Mainboards.
  3. Don't worry about it, they all do that. You probably just didn't notice it with your old card. I don't see it on mine unless I have the s-video hooked up to my TV. At first it gave me a scare, but that's just how there splash screen works. The realtek boot agent probably just displays on top of it. So when the realtek thing is done you briefly see the splash again, no problem.
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