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hey there:
I have a bit of a problem.I have three computers on a home local network.They are all running windows xp 32 bit.Everything was fine till I down loaded a file I scanned it with avg.anti virus it cheaked O.K.well something was in the file because I lost my Ip address,lost file sharing,and messed up my local network to that computer right after the download a did a scan with malwarebyes anti-malware on the computer with the problem,and it detected 12 trogen virus so I removed them and I thought I had everything back to normal,till I tryed to print of the notepad of the computer that got infected,and got a error "RPC server is not available".The other two computers are fine everything working properly.The only thing I use the computer that messed up is for downloading stuff,its sorta the ginypig,it's a slave computer on the local network it uses the printer of the main computer,and they are all tied in to a linskeys router.I did some research on the problem and it all points to a windows reinstall because my spool drivers might have gotton messed up.I also check printers and faxes and its showing computer not connected to the printer.Reinstalled the hp printer drivers did not help.anybody have any ideas what to try next before I go ahead and do a windows xp pro reinstall,because seems like a windows xp repair will not repair the spool drivers if that is what is messed up.I am at work so I can't supply anymore info at this time.thanks for any help that might help me on this problem.---- Raner
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  1. try getting something to fix your registry this may not work but you can try. i use ccleaner > and its free. if not try unistalling your printer and reinstall it. and try uninstalling your network card and reinstalling it sound like the virus not avg but the viruses changed your drivers and when avg was doing its job it removed the parts of the drivers needed to run some things
  2. thanks for the comeback aago1254
    well looks like I got bigger problems than I thought,seems I picked up a bad one it is a supper virus of some sort it messed up a bunch of stuff,my windows autoupdater is going to msn website not microsoft website,yahoo. is going crazy does not go to the site you click on seems to have a mind of its own.and when I try to install a download it gets blocked and won't install,looks like I might have to wipe out both hard drives and do a complete reinstall,the good thing about it,well if there is a good anything in all these work and time it's going to take to repair this problem, I can move all the stuff I want to save in my main computer got my sharing file network working again the virus messed that up also .I have deleted the problem file,I new which one caused all this mess.I think a reinstall will be quicker than trying to figure all this mess out.It will probably take less time and work to do the install than it would to weed threw the messed up stuff I know about and there's no telling what else is messed up that I don't know about yet!!!-------later
  3. download and try combofix
  4. hey pmerritt
    I've been trying to figure this mess out.I have the logs for "hijack this and combofix.I've been looking at them trying to find a command line with the word jump in it because the internet jumps from whatever site I click on to a random b.s.site,don't know if I am looking for the correct wording on the command line that are showing up in the logs. I also scanned with avg rootkit it found three bad files but not the ones that are causing the problem.I can post the files maybe someone can spot the problem files on the logs. I been playing with the hijack this tool I look a bunch of files out being that the tool backs up the files that are removed so they can be reinstalled back with a click of a button.I reinstalled them back because none of the files where causing the problems.Can't figure out where the problem files are located at.I think the windows autoupdater going to the msn site instead on microsoft website and the internet jumping to another site is in the same command line if I can find the location of it.I might kill to birds with one stone.and as for the RPC Server not available that is going to be a different battle I might still have to do a reinstall if the spool drivers are not available or are corrupted.
  5. Hey guys got the sick puppy going all the junk is gone. Here is how I got it done. You may want to keep this information tucked away somewhere in case the xxxx hits the fan if the future on your rig.Here is the site,it's well worth the few minutes it takes to read,just bypass all the logs and grab the meat and potatoes : http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t168726.html
    This guys and gals are darn good at helping on computer problems.or if you can read you can find a solution in there forums like I did.---later Raner
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