Help me about config raid.

dear all,
Who can show me config raid for every type main server ?
1. Main Intel.(S3000AH,S5000,...)
2. Main Supermicro.(X7DVL-E,X7DVL-0,....)
3. IBM
Please send for my mail : or
Please send with notes and images or pictures.
Thanks for your help !!!!
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  1. Errrr, what exactly are you looking for?
  2. I need detailed instructions on how to config the RAID type for the server,including the steps to set and if the image is accompanied by very good.mainly on Adaptec, LSI, Intel matrix.r_manic if you can help me know the information I need I very thank you.
  3. Check the manual of your RAID controller? Why would you want to know how to setup RAID configs for all different products out there?

    Anyway, you can download the PDF manuals on the manufacturer's sites of hardware RAID controllers (LSI, Adaptec, Areca, 3ware, Supermicro, Promise, Raidcore and many others).
  4. I visited the site / raid / manufacturers.html is generally only about Raid. students are poor, no money to buy the machines on test server, so I want to ask you here introduce a website for my guide I set up RAID on the server (Adaptec, Intel). For example: when starting to boot the machine, the BIOS to enable Raid then boot computer. (here I set up Adaptec Raid controller) When the machine boot to Raid, I press the keyboard "Ctrl A" to set up RAID 1 for 2 HDD 250 Gb. next steps you known I should not need to consider. if you have 1 website which detailed instructions as steps after please send to me. Thank you so much.
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    General info about RAID. Searching for information is something you should be able to do yourself.
  6. most raids are the same you press some 2 button key combo to get into the raid card bios to make the raid
  7. thanks all.Present,I know all about of raid.
    Have a nice day !
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