PCI-E Slot Dead or Graphics Card?

hey guys, i'm posting this in both the motherboard and display card forums as i'm not sure which is the source of the problem.

Basically, i'm not getting anything on my screen, I know the DVI socket on the graphics card is still working as my monitor can see the card when its plugged in but isn't recieving any image signal from it, the fan on the card is still spinning as well. Is there any way for me to diagnose whether it is the PCI-E Slot or the Card? I don't have access to another motherboard or gfx card to switch in without purchasing one and cash is tight at the moment as I just lost my job.
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  1. Try the card in another computer if you can, for me it was the card
  2. New build or just started happening for no reason?

    Does your MOBO have onboard graphics? Remove the card and try it with the onboard.

    Just one PCI-E slot? No? Try the other one and see what you get.

    You can't borrow for a few minutes a card from a friend/relative to see if it is the card?

    More information would be helpful in diagnosing your problem better.
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