Cant have multiple monitors with SLI?

You can but you would have to toggle in and out of SLI for gaming. Do you mean you want 4monitors for desktop and 1 for gaming? or do you want all 4 for gaming? please explain.
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  1. I just found out that I cant have multiple monitors with SLI, which is stupid so I disabled it. Does that mean that I cant connect 4 monitors to my gpu,s (2 outputs on each card).
  2. well I want to use 2 monitors for my desktop and 1 for gaming. I just said 4 monitors because I have 4 outputs and I would be abit pointless if I cant use the second gpu. Is switching SLI on/off the only way?
  3. SLI would be pointless for multiple displays because even a single card with 2 displays will cute each outputs resources in half. So lest say you have 2 monitors, it wouldn't make sense to have SLI even enables because you would just plug 1 monitor in each card giving each output its own video card. So you are saying you want to play a game on 1 monitor while having a desktop on 2 others at the same time?
  4. I've got 2 monitors which I have set to "dualview" for my desktop. But the only way I can have "dualview" is to disable SLI. I dont want to use both screens for gaming but theres no point having 2 cards if im not going to use them.
    So is it possible to keep SLI enabled and still be able to use 2 monitors?

    Im not going to, I just want to know. But can you plug a monitor into the second gpu to have more then 2 displays even though SLI is disabled?
  5. If SLI is disabled you should be able to plug a monitor in each DVI output, and have 4 monitors. If SLI is enabled then the same thing won't work, because of driver limitations. nVidia has promised to fix that, but I haven't heard of any solution yet...
  6. ok thanks. I hope they sort it out soon because I dont want to keep switching. How long have they been promising to fix it?
  7. I think I've read it 4 or 5 months ago. I wouldn't count on it too much.

    Just curious, how hard is it to switch SLI on or off? Do you just start nTunes and check/uncheck a checkbox and click OK, or is it a lot of work?
  8. yeah I use ntune, but it takes awhile for it to actually change, and for some reason it messes up all my desktop icons.
  9. No matter what you'll have to toggle something, it won't work properly otherwise (think of how SLi works).

    I know how difficult it is to click a checkbox :kaola:, but it's much better than rebooting to enable it the way you used to have to do it.
  10. yeah, lol. It wont be for much longer anyway. I'll proberbly get one of those 9900's when they come out.
  11. ok, well, I have 2 GTX 8800 and a 22" widescreen center, 19" normal right and 17"normal left... I want to run 3 screens for gaming. I tried softTH but that only works for certain games and I don't want to pay a couple hundred for that triple head box.

    What the heck can I do.... F.E.A.R. is awsome with 3 monitors... ghost recon works but not at its max same as rainbow six lockdown... anything else I couldnt get to see the resolutions. Why hasn't Nvidia released update for multiple screen gaming?
  12. Well, crossfire supports 2 monitors now (has for some time).. I see no reason why nvidia doesnt other than they are taking their time with the driver for it... I wouldnt expect it to take much longer than a few more months as it is pretty much the only thing that distinguishes SLI from crossfire beyond driver features and I can't imagine that sits well with the brass.
  13. To use Multiple Monitors with SLI Enabled.. Simply follow the steps below :

    Keep the SLI Enabled to Njoy gr8 Graphics Processing Power
    Add a graphic card to the PCI(E) Slot.. & use it with the Third Monitor

    SLI will never conflict with the add on card and it will work as an independant channel.

    Kiran T.J
    MCSE | A+ | DCSE
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