Is my motherboard fried?

For the past 6 months I've been having a lot of problems with my computer. It crashes all the time and generally doesn't run well. I cannot use a lot of USB devices and only my ball mouse works, not my 2 optical ones. I cannot plug my iPod into my computer either. I have reinstalled windows a number of times, but this has not fixed any of the problems.

I think it is my motherboard, but when the computer crashes it sometimes wont boot and says a disk read error or something along those lines. Does this sound like a motherboard problem or could it be a corrupted hard drive.

My current motherboard is this one:

My current processor is this:

And I have a x800xt AGP card, so if it is my mobo, would this motherboard be compatible(or is there a better board for cheaper)?
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  1. you might have a bad stick of ram, power supply could be going.
    There's lots to check before bailing on your current board.
    What have you got for the rest of your system components?
  2. HDD:


    The only reason i think its the motherboard is because the usb ports dont work. I can use a ball mouse, but any other usb devices dont work (optical mouse, printer, ipod). Can this be caused by a faulty PSU?
  3. Also its pretty random on how it crashes. It will work for like a month and not crash, and then it will crash and wont boot up windows. Other times it will be fine until its put under load and then it will crash. I really have no idea what is wrong, but the usb issue makes it seem like it isnt the hard drive or ram.
  4. Asrock is the bottom of the Asus line, the value line if you will. As your board is a skt 939 and most places don't even have them for sale any more, and the places that do want more than they are worth. I would suggest it time to upgrade to a new system. Board, cpu, ram, and video. You should also look at a new psu, buy a good one. Get a tier 2 or better.
    I would ebay your current cpu and ram.
  5. I know I should upgrade my computer, but I really don't know if its worth it. All i currently do is play wc3 and maybe wow in the future. I am trying to get another year out of my computer for only 60 bucks and then upgrade when a game I want comes out (sc2).

    Also my psu is an antec one that came with my case:
  6. Nice case..that's what I'm running!
    Right click on my computer and and select properties. Then click on hardware, then device manager.
    Is everything clean or do you have any yellow warnings?
  7. So does this problem seem like my mobo, or could it be something else?
  8. It's starting to look like it....
    Is your device manager list clean (previous post)? Also how old is your hard drive?
    The hdd will likely fail before the motherboard, which could explain the randomness of your crashes and possibly the usb issue.
    Ram will faithfully crash as soon as you load your system.
    Usb ports I think either work or they don't. So if you can run any single usb device then you should be able to run all usb devices.
    Hard drives are fairly cheap now, so might be a cheap fix!
    Hope this helps.
  9. it kinda sounds like your PSU might be toasted. I suggest you check the voltage output. Run OCCT. See if it shuts down, and how your PSU reacts to loads
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