Video card upgrade with KVM setup in mind

Said it before, I'll say it again this place rocks...although it changed a bit (just need to get used to it).

Anyways, here's the context, I got myself a new desktop it has a dual dvi video card (512MB nVidia 8600GT). My older desktop has a dual vga video card (Geforce4 MX 440 AGP). I would like to use both computers in tandem with this:

LDV-DM702AUSK Linkskey 2-Port Dual Monitor

I did some research, contacted the manufacturer, this was the response:

''I have 2 suggestions for your environment:

1. Upgrade your dual VGA video card to a dual DVI video card and use our LDV-DM702AUSK.

2. Downgrade all your DVI connectors to VGA( use a DVI to VGA adaptor ) and use our LKV-DM02SK

The fact that VGA cannot convert to DVI make easy choices.''

I thought that I could just buy two vga to dvi adapters, since they are being sold:

So I am pondering the possiblity of a new AGP dual dvi video card for my older desktop.

My concern (if I am going with a new vid card) is power consumption. Although I may be completely wrong, my research has told me that my Geforce4 MX440 consumes around 25-30 watts.

My current power supply is 350 watts, and I would rather not have to buy a new power supply (but if I must so be it).

Any thoughts or suggestions in terms of dual dvi video cards I should consider or the idea of using vga to dvi converters is what I am looking for.

Since this is my day off, I'm probably going to go PC shop anyways and buy a single vga to dvi converter as a cheap experiment to see how the display of graphics would be affected.

Gaming is not a consideration (although I love games, but no time for it right now), I just love the workspace provided when using dual monitor setups for workflow.

Ah yes if this helps I will be using 2 Flatron wide LG 22'' monitors:

Any input is appreciated. Many thxs.
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