E8400 Bios Temp Spikes 100+C

Ive got an abit ip35 pro with an e8400 in it. This system used to be OCd stable at 4.0Ghz but it is at 3.0Ghz for now while I get my new p182 case working.

My issue is that I've had it sitting in bios now for an hour or so and the temp is hovering at 35c-36c. But when I was monitoring it I keep seeing a "1" pop up in front of the two digit CPU temp and not go away. This is probably because there is no way the temp could get that high and for whatever reason there was a glitch and uGuru doesn't write over that area since it would never expect 3 digit Celsius temps.

So yea, right now my cpu temp is supposedly at 136C right now and stable.:P It says "136*C/96*FF", as if the temp did spike but the leading 1 and trailing F just isn't getting overwritten.

Of course, if I back out of Temp Monitor and re-enter it its cleared. I have warning beeps on and I didn't get any beeps.

On to the question (finally). Is this a known issue with the bios (uGuru Utility 1.01C) or a faulty temp sensor(my guess, but this is the first I noticed it)... or is it possible my CPU is REALLY spiking to 100+C? (doubtful but hey, you guys would know better than I.)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just noticed this buried in a thread on another forum:
    "So far no bios update has fixed the temp issue with uGuru, it can read anything from 0 to 245c with my 45nm."

    I'll assume this as the issue until further notice. ;)
  2. What temps do you get with RealTemp or CoreTemp?
  3. No OS yet as I have to rebuild my RAID. Though, I don't remember ever seeing spikes like this in any temp app before.
  4. Just to be on the safe side, you should probably check that your cpu cooler is properly mounted, I was hitting the 80-100 temps with a 3.8 overclock and then noticed that my cooler was not installed properly, by the way these oem coolers are one big flaw design.

    btw, i'm running the ocz vanquisher cooler and my temp never goes above 50.
  5. Freezer 7 "pro" on it now. Tuniq 120 on the side I will put on when I get the chance... I'll redo the mx2 paste on the freezer today and see if it still happens. I didn't want to pull the motherboard out to re-install the Tuniq but I will if I have to.

    These spikes are literally hitting 100-ish then right back to 36 all within 1 second. I'm assuming its a flakey interpretation of the instrument on the cores/shield, but I don't want to get into redoing the raid and OS if these are legit numbers. I don't think they are but I've never noticed it like this before.
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