please help! random color screen crash

ok this problem has been wrecking my brain and i cant understand what the problem is so any help would be much appreciated.

Problem was that my pc would crash when playing css and i would get a random coloured screen up be it white/green/red/ect it was always random and i could do nothin but hard reset comp. to get round this i could turn the fan up to 100% and it would be fine untill lately it started happening so i thought it was just a cooling issue because i was sitting bout 80 odd degrees C. I bought a new fan for my gfx card which was great and idles at 50 easily but now my comp crashes within minutes of starting up which rules out cooling surely? i have the Nvidia 8800GTX btw. So i thought fine ill just put my old card back in till i sort something out but no! soon as i put my nvidia 7600 gt in my screen just freezes in minutes of starting up now so this makes me wonder if its a gfx issue or something else? i get no time to do anything now on my comp because it just crashes after about 2 mins. I have now made my comp worse because of trying to fix a small problem.

My spec is:

* Monitor: 19" viewsonic wide screen
* Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M61P-S3 AM2 Motherboard RoHS
* Processor: AMD Athlon 64 AM2 X2 Dual Core 6000
* Memory: OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-8000C5 1000MHz ReaperX HPC Enhanced Bandwidth Edition Dual Channel DDR2
* Graphics Card: Nvidia 8800 GTX
* Sound Card: Creative SB X-Fi
* Hard Drive: samsung 120 gig one
* PSU: Coolermaster Real Power 1000w Modular Power Supply

All values are stock and i have overclocked anything. Any help or advice would be so much appreciated.
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  1. when you put the 7600 in there, did you make sure to uinstall drivers then re install them. Its important. Also, you can try downclocking your memory on ur vga, see if that does anything for you. Also, it looks like a driver issue might be to blame. Do the following and check back.
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