Warranties Void When Buying From Amazon (Direct)?

I've read in a couple of places that manufacturer warranties may be void when buying products from Amazon, even when buying direct and not through a third party seller, because there is a decent chance that Amazon are not authorized sellers of electronics products. What are people's knowledge or experience of this when it comes to PC components?

I need to know because I'm looking at buying ~£450 worth of parts from them for a PC build. They are significantly cheaper than other vendors but I'm not sure if their deal's too good to be true.

EDIT: I've actually found a cheaper deal at Aria although I'd still be interested in hearing the answer to this question for future reference.
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  1. True, and false. only companies that offer global warranty suffice in your warranty.

    For example: gigabyte will not replace your computer parts if you purchased through amazon uk, australia, india, ect. only canada and america would apply towards customers purchasing gigabyte related products, or something along those lines of amazon.

    While intel has a virtual shopfront on amazon, it's policy forbid selling cpu's to amazon customers outside usa, due to complexity and arising issue's that would force intels hand, however that doesn't apply to amd when purchasing of amazon; you can purchase of amazon but your warranty "may" void.

    Intel has global warranty depending if the transaction was made locally. the process of getting a new cpu depends on your location-time-postage.
    Both items need to be in original packaging.
    Amd does international warranty. but you'll need to get in contact with amd before purchasing a cpu from amazon.

    If you've purchased asus, evga, ect. then your purchase from amazon will apply a global warranty.

    For example:

    Not global warranty.

    Maybe this can help someone else in the mean time.
  2. Sorry i couldn't respond to you reply sooner :(
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