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i recently got a asus 3870 and i have being having trouble with it. i get a score in 3dmark vantage of 3444 to 4333 and it keeps changing the whole time. i updated the motherboard bios and now i don't know what to. Asus sent me a new card and it still does the same thing. the drivers are the latest ones and i know the mobo is fine because if i use my friends 8800gtoc2 in it it works fine. the motherboard is a Asus ASUSM-P5K Deluxe/WiFi Intel G35 Socket 775
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  1. That is very strange, so the 8800 works fine you say? what CPU do you have?
  2. The 8800 works 100%. Q9450
  3. yea those are awfully bad scores if thats the case. It seems that some of the NVidia driver remnants are affecting your performer. Try getting a driver cleaner or something, to remove it.
  4. i don't think thats the problem. i reinstalled a fresh copy of windows after formatting the drive and then installed the ati drivers and only tried the 8800 after it wasn't working. I've tried it on xp and vista and the same thing. And its also being tried in 2 other computers and does the same thing. could it be possible that Asus gave me 2 faulty cards. i dont see what else it can be unless i'm not doing something right when i install it
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