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What power supply brand are you running? Is it a generic one? I think you are good considering it's a 500watt.
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  1. im a little power requirement-challenged, meaning i dont fully understand how power req - psu works lol... now my quick question is will my old system with this silly psu rating of 230v - 4a - 60hz - 500w be able to run a 9600gso?

    heres the spec:

    x2 4000+ @ 2.55 ghz
    asus m2n-vmx
    2gb ram
    1 sata 160gb WD Caviar
    1 120mm aux fan, 1 80mm aux fan

    any form of help will be very much appreciated, thanks!
  2. I have an Antec 450watt power supply. 32amps on the 12volt rail though.

    What kind of case was it? If you bought a good case some of them do come with quality power supplies.
  3. its a generic one, the one that came with the casing... are you sure it'll work? you're on an 8800gs, what's your psu specs?
  4. geez thats what confuses me, the amps and rails lol...

    i have 2 labels here saying "26a/16a" and another 1 saying "22a/2a" which is which?
  5. oh i also have this on one of the labels maybe this is the rails "+5v/+12v"
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