Need help choosing budget CPU (x2 4800 vs Intel Pentium)

Right now I am looking at a budget build and having the most troubles finding the right CPU.

I do not plan on overclocking and my choice would goto the best performance per dollar processor. But the problem is that I cannot find much benchmarks for the Pentium e2180, e2200 and e2220. And better yet, one that compares those with their AMD counterparts.

So right now I need help comparing processors (My Thoughts in mind):

Right now on Newegg, I found a x2 4800 Brisbane for $59.99:

And for the Intel selection, I got the E2180 ($69.99), E2200 ($79.99, E2220 ($89.99).

Please help me choose the right processor for a budget build, little to medium gaming, and no overclocking intended.
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  1. you can't go wrong with the X2 4800 at that price. The e2220 outperforms it, but costs significantly more money. The e2200 should perform largely the same as the X2 4800, and the e2180 is just a bit slower than the X2 4800. X2 4800 is $60 well spent.
  2. The AMD system is the way to go since you are not overclocking
  3. If you dont plan on overclocking, than a 4800x2 would get my vote.
  4. another vote for amd 4800x2
  5. another vote for amd 4800x2 + the amd board are cheaper so the AMD way is better, cheaper
  6. ^ + 1 unless you have an OC board in an ATX... nah, AMD's still better value...
  7. yup amd :) lol
  8. take the AMD. Keep you eye's on the price, they've been dropping for the X2 chips on the egg lately.
  9. Thanks for the second thoughts guys.
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