MB main power connecter..issue

I bought a DFI Blood Iron board and when i try to insert the main power connecter to the MB, it goes in half way. I can't get the stupid thing down all the way. I can get my 4 pin connector down, but no the 24 pin. I have a Rosewill 850 watt ps. I tried to use my OCZ 700 watt supply and that also has difficulty getting in. Is there anyway to remedy the situation? I don't want to break my board in half just trying to get it in.

thank you.
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  1. Are you sure the polarity/orientation is right? If your psu has a splittable 20+4 pin power connector for mobo, the 4pin connector can be reversed. Or if you can get the 4pin in the mobo power connector, you can leave it disconnected as a test.
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