AMD stock up 25 cents, amtech says "intel stumbles"

AMD stock is up $.25, is it jut the release of the 4 new op's? Nope!

this is a big move and amd is being pushed by the those guys who make millions to move money of pension funds

Some investment gruop from greenwich con (you know the place all the hedge funds are and expensive houss) says intel has stumbled with second gen 45nm nap

Intel (INTC) Nehalem Delay Could Open Door for AMD -AmTech

June 9, 2008 12:03 PM EDT

American Research Technology is out with a research note this morning on Intel (Nasdaq: INTC). The report cites recent channel checks as suggesting that Intel's Nehalem platform will initially launch in only a single-socket form. The firm believes this "will be viewed by customers and investors as a delayed ramp of the company’s second generation 45nm server architecture due out in late 2H08."

The firm calls the development "the second launch delay in recent weeks", the first Intel delay being its Montevina notebook platform, and believes this could "call into question Intel's solid record of on-time execution."

While AmTech maintains a Buy rating on shares of Intel, it believes this mis-step could give Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) room to maneuver as AMD could now possibly ship its Shanghai server chip "into a less competitive market if Intel’s 2-way Nehalem parts are pushed out."

Intel Corporation engages in making, marketing, and selling integrated circuits for computing and communications industries worldwide.
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  1. Very interesting find!
  2. Very interesting. I wouldn't start investing in AMD because of it, I still don't see them in the black anytime this year...
  3. Lets see

    Forecast (Almost same accuracy as weather forecasters)
    Intc AMD
    Median $27 $ 7.30
    H $33 $12
    Low $20 $ 5

    # Broker Recommendations
    Strong Buy 9 3
    Buy 16 3
    Hold 12 19
    Underperforms 0 5
    Sell 1 1

    I think I’ll just keep my Intel stock – Long term invester and Nothing to do with “Which is better”, But all to do about which will make me the most money in 2 to 5 years
  4. Salvation is here!
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