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I just sold my gigabyte 939 motherboard + AMD athlon 3000+ processor and
Ati radeon x800gt 256 mb graphic card. Everything was OK for 3 days, on the third day he wanted to start his computer but there was no image on the screen. All the fans Are spining and every thing seems to be ok. I checked it with 3 diffrent power supplies, but every time it was the same. The LCD monitor was just blinking with its green light on the power button. It is as it is not getting any signal from the computer, but then again it is not saying anything about "no input signal" until i plug out the monitor from the Computer. What could be the cause?!

Please help, I feel kinda bad because of this (I'ts like i sold him broken parts)

PS: He has a verry crappy Power suply, Its "TakeMe 350W" - verry cheap i think:(
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  1. So it was working for 2 days with no problems and then it suddenly stopped working?

    I would;

    Check the graphics card is seated properly
    If poss, try another in the slot to test if the gpu has blown

    Do you get any beeps or anything when it starts up?
  2. Clear the cmos too.
  3. Yes it was Fine and after 2 days in the morning he turned the computer on , but the problem occurred:/ (thats my 13 years old cousin testimony)
    I will try to check the Gpu on a diffrent computer...Im sure its correctly inserted in its slot, Checked that:)

    I dont get any signals af life from the Computer, no beebs no keybord lights blink (numlock/capslock/scrolllock) but then again I dont know how did his Computer behave bofore.
    I have tried to reset the ios by taking the battery out - no effect:/
    Anything else maybe?
  4. Take the motherboard out, put it on a piece of cardboard with only the power supply, beeper and processor. Check for beeps. Add memory, check for beeps. Add video card, check for beeps and video.
    If you don't get any beeps, maybe you have a dead motherboard.
  5. Me might not of put the HS on right and fried the cpu.
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