screen flickers, possibly due to video card?

i just bought an evga 8500 gt 1 gb video card. after installing it, i noticed that my screen will occasionally flicker. i'm not an expect on video cards, so i don't know what could be the problem. any suggestions on what could be the problem and how i could fix it? appreciate it.
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  1. Flicker in what way? Only in games? All the time?

    Have you tried changing video cables? Did you uninstall your previous drivers and graphics card properly before installing the new one?

    Maybe try going through the whole process again, then see if it continues.

    And thats a lot of RAM that will go unused in that card BTW.
  2. yea, try doing all that the above poster suggests..... i had a similar problem when my screen would flicker too, and it was due to a psu problem. awhile back i bought a new graphics card for one of my systems, the screen would occasionally flicker, i replaced the PSU and it was fine, my guess is, is that it wasn't getting enough power. just a thought.
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