Whats a good case for watercooling?

I have been searching for a good case to start my new computer project and watercooling with. I have searched a bunch and was thining of getting either the

antec nine hundred,

Not totally sold, I am looking to spend ~75, and have been waiting for the nine hundred to drop below 80 shipped for 2 months now (no deals poppin up)

I just want to see what kind of other cases people recommend that will be able to house 2 4870s

Here is a run down of what I have or will have:
Swiftech MCP600 pump (From friend)
Swiftech Apogee GTZ CPU Waterblock
Swiftech MCW60-4870 4870 Waterblock
Primochill Tubing with anti kink
single 120mm fan radiator (from friend)
custom fiberglass reservoir (home made)
MSI P45 Diamond NB waterblock (From MOBO)

PC Components:
MSI P45 Diamond
4870 1gb - future intension of crossfire of two of these
2 HD
2 DVD Drives
e8400 or q9450
8 gb Corsair DDR3 RAM
PC Power & Cooling quad silent 750w PSU
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  1. I can tell you all about the Antec 900, because I own one and am very happy with it. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
  2. todd5854 said:
    I can tell you all about the Antec 900, because I own one and am very happy with it. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

    Can you fit two large video cards in that thing?? It seems big enough. I am talking like 2 4870's

    The antec 9 is what i want, but it hasnt been below 120 at newegg, and they have usually had sales where it gets down to ~75 shipped. Just dont want to keep waiting
  3. On XS forums I mentioned the 900 is NOT big enough for an internal rad except a 220 in the front with some modding skills. The Antec 1200 can hold a 320 rad in the front with modding skills. It's still a very tight fit for the pump and res.

    If you don't mind mounting the rad out on the back the 900 is a very nice case with great airflow.

    If you go xfire with 2 4870's and a Q9650 and plan to overclock heavily, you better think about TWO rads, TWO pumps, TWO resses. Two loops. You can easily top 600 watts with those three components. Actually a 480 rad could handle it. It's big as hell though, seen it done a few times with good results.

    Rads can only pull so much heat, it's the law of physics, can't ignore it.

    http://martin.skinneelabs.com/ Great rad tests.
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