vonstar wants a gaming computer and needs YOUR help!

It has been 4 years since I built my last rig and it is now time for a new one since my computer just died R.I.P. I do not know much about hardware which is why I am asking for your help with a good spec. I prefer keeping windows xp pro for my OS because it rocks and I heard people have had a lot of problems with gaming while using Vista. However, if I need to get the vista 64 bit OS to get the most bang for my buck, I will. A system that can run CoD4 at 100 fps while on high settings at 1280x1024 resolution is what I want.

Budget= 1 grand
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  1. Any budget?
  2. >>>Budget= 1 grand<<<
  3. Hey Vonstar..

    get a q6600.. 200
    Gigabyte p35 s3l board 90
    crucial pc 800 2gig 25 after rebate
    antec p182 case 90
    corsair 650 psu 100
    Seagate sata 500 gig hd 129
    Thermalright 120 heatsink 59.99
    evga 8800 gt card 160

    truk got the e8400 but the quad core will give you better fps at higher res then the dual core
    Dummy says hi
  4. brood war player?
  5. switch out the heatsink for a xigmatek and take out the gt and wait for the 4870.
  6. So those settings mentioned above will give me 100fps on high graphics at 1280x1024 for a game like CoD4?
  7. I think so... When I was running only 1 8800 GTX and a dual core CPU at 1920x1200, I was usually getting above 100fps with everything set to full. The 8800GT isn't quite as powerful as the GTX but at only 1280x1024 I think you should be hitting your target reasonably easy.
  8. Thanks for all the help so far. This is currently I have in my shopping cart. Any more suggestions would be appreciated.

    Gigabyte P35 $145

    Q6600 $220

    Video Card
    EVGA GT $180

    Hard Drive
    Seagate Barracuda $130

    Antec p182 $155

    Corsair 600w PSU 110
    total $939

    I plan on using the 2gigs of ocz ram and the audigy 2zs soundcard from my old computer (assuming they still work).

    I have read a few reviews that said the 8800 gt might have some trouble fitting into a mid atx case. Will there be any trouble fitting it in this particular case?
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