Windows 7 RC Won't Recognize ST3120827AS Seagate Barracuda

I've tried searching everywhere for a solution to this, but haven't found anything. I would really like to try Windows 7 RC on a secondary computer I have sitting around which is currently running Ubuntu 9.04. The exact same setup was previously running Windows XP. The hard drive is an older 120gb SATA Barracuda that has worked fine for years.

The Windows 7 RC installer simply does not see the hard drive. It prompts me to load drivers, but I don't have any and I can't find anything online; not even the Seagate website. I wouldn't think I'd need drivers though, since I know this hard drive is operational (I am using it now). I obviously don't know a lot about this topic, so any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Just to be clear, the drive appears in your BIOS?
  2. Well, not explicitly. It only lists IDE drives, which are both optical disc drives. It does say something about the SATA chip controller being enabled though. But to answer your question, I don't see any place in the BIOS where it lists the SATA hard drive by name.
  3. My BIOS doesn't list them out either and I have 2-ST31000528AS Seagate Barracuda 1 terrabyte drives as storage, not in a RAID. I want to use the one on slot 0 to host Win7 when it gets delivered as this is the bootable SATA port. I want to fianlly drop my 80 gig IDE drive I've been using forever but this may be a problem.
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