Crysis reboot after start CRYSIS GF9800Gx2 Gigabyte

Hi I Have alreadylost my mind.
The problem concern the way of work that the 9800Gx2 is making.
After instal all drivers at new OS i instaled the Crysis to check graphic card.
I couldnt belive what happened.
After click shortcut Crysis the screen made Black. After few sec PC Rebooted.
I've tried a lot of different drivers and situations occured over and over again.

the strannge point is that GPU test are workin, 3d mark also.

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  1. Hi,

    I've the same probleme with an ATI HD4850 on a Gygabyte GA-MA78GM with Athlon X2 5200+. On vista when I launch the game, after appearing EA logo I got black screen and reboot.

    I have tried all drivers and setting, but the some thing ... reboot.

    So,I ran the bios setup and disable cool&quiet and virtualization parameters. And now it run very well .... no rebooting or hang .

    may be this help you.
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