[CPU, Mobo, PSU, RAM] New stuff.

I'm looking for new parts.

My budget is about 750 dollars.

I need a mobo, psu, ram, and a processor.

I'd prefer the Q9450 for the processor.

The rest I need help finding out.
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  1. You're dumping half of your budget into the processor, but it's hard to figure out a PSU or mobo without knowing your other components especially your video card(s).
  2. MSI OC'd 9600GT

    8GB of RAM in the future, DDR2800

    XP Pro 64bit

    By the way, will DDR2 533 RAM work in a DDR2 800 slot?

    2 HD's, 4 in RAID in the future.

    Also a sound card in the future.
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