9800 gx2 6 to 8 pin PCI-E power adapter--will it work

My 9800 gx2 is on the way but my power supply does not have the necessary 8 pin PCI-E power connector, only 2 6 pins. I asked the manufacturer about the 6 to 8 pin adapter they sell on their site and they said they do not recommend it as it may damage the PS or the GPU.

Has anyone used such an adapter for the gx2 successfully? My gut says it will work fine and that the risk is actually very low.

My PS is a corsair vx550, not enough according the gx2 requirements but my gut says it will work fine as well given I do not have a ton of other hardware in my rig.
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  1. I have the same question. Right now I have a Vortec 700W PSU and is missing my 8pin cable. It's misplaced somewhere and I can't find it. I do have a couple of extra 6pin PSU connector cables and wanted to use a 6pin to 8 pin adapter to power my 9800 GX2. I did some research and I'm pretty sure my Vortec 700W PSU can handle it if I can find my 8 pin connector. Can someone reply back with their opinion if it is safe to use a 6pin to 8pin converter on my 9800 GX2?? Thanks
  2. I see no reason why either of you should have an issue with using the 6pin to 8 pin adapter. Both PSU's have plenty of power to handle the cards.

  3. 6 -> 8 is not a problem; I had a old psu that had to do 2x 4 -> 6 and 6 -> 8 to get a GX2 to work (not recommended though...)
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