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Hi all. I have a vintage hp Vectra VEi8 Pentium III 550Mhz 512Mb RAM 20G hdd & have WinXP Pro SP3 on it. I am looking at a few options on how best to use my oldie & thought if it is possible to use it as a dedicated antivirus/anti malware machine to protect my entire home network in real time, not just manual scanning of network drives. My home network comprise of 4 desktops + 1 file server (a glorified DIY tower with plenty of hdd space) & all on WinXP SP3 x86.

Can anyone recommend a good antivirus software ($ware/freeware) other than the usual suspects like McAfee or Symantec? I am currently using Comodo Internet Security on all machines & works great but it only protects each machine in real time.

I have thought about having a Linux based hardware firewall or playing with Linux distros on my oldie but its kinda too time consuming for me, perhaps when I have another spare machine. Besides I am behind a router firewall so that will have to do for now.
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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, or Avira are all very good and free.
  2. Go with MSE. Full featured and free.
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