Raid level 0 - Smart event on one of the two pyshical disks


Yesterday the computer locked up and it had to be shut down abnormally. When I switched it back on, it was reported that a smart event had occured on one of the hard drives ( there are two 232.8GB ones) and Windows did not seem to be able to load. The hard disks are currently set up using RAID level 0. My questions are:

Is there anyway to salvage the data on either disk (possibly by getting another hard drive) ?

If not, can I delete the current RAID Volume and set up a new one on the single working hard-drive?
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  1. Yeah you can still recover your RAID, by using software RAID under linux (an ubuntu livecd could do) -OR- by re-creating the volume in the RAID BIOS utility. But the latter is dangerous because a wrong setting (disk order or stripesize) can create a RAID that is different than the original one, and any writes would corrupt original data.

    So if you want to be absolutely sure you get the data back, make sure you don't write to the drives and seek professional help.
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