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ups and downs of SSD?

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July 30, 2009 6:41:32 AM

does anyone have some time under there belts when it comes to regular maintance and file deletion on an SSD drive. erasing invisible files, ect. also is there a program or somthing that can stack files so there are no gaps besides the ole defrag. or does it even matter? also wondering if you can fill a ssd completely without worry (knowing you dont have to add anymore).

i just got a kingston v series for my desktop, and i am having some fun playing with it.

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a c 127 G Storage
July 30, 2009 11:40:23 AM

Defragmenting your data even once will throw them at weird locations at your SSD. So if you "defragment" an SSD, actually you're making things very worse and fragmenting data all over the disk. SSDs use virtual address space, so sector 1-2-3-4 may in reality be locations spread to other flash chips. So if you defragment and windows puts all files "tidely together", it will actually spread data out inefficiently and cause bad performance afterwards.

You also should leave some space free, and you should only use Windows 7 if you have an SSD that supports the TRIM function. This would allow the SSD to keep being fast and do not degrade performance over time. The TRIM function will inform the SSD of free blocks for files you deleted. Otherwise, the SSD doesn't know which space is free which hurts write performance. Random writes requires free space.

Without support for TRIM, you may need to zero-write your SSD every now and then to "reset" its performance by erasing the flash datamapping cluster. Without this its performance will degrade.
July 30, 2009 6:54:44 PM

i read that too, about a dozen or so times. im just interested in real experience with them.
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July 30, 2009 7:54:37 PM

My Patriot SSD's are amazing. They're the cheap version's but i really can't tell any studdering when writing. 100X's better then my old Raptor's

is your read and write good on those, did it show an improvement in-game? and what programs do you use?
July 30, 2009 10:32:11 PM

why do you use XP?