Router that can view/allocate bandwidth to different computers?

I'm in a house with a bunch of roommates, everyone with their own computer, connected via a wireless network to a generally poor internet connection. I'm wondering if there are wireless routers that would let me do some of the following things:

1. view the amount of bandwidth each connected computer is currently using
2. limit the amount of bandwidth each computer can use (my current router lets me 'prioritize' different applications (i assume through the specific ports they use?) but not different computers)
3. (what i really want) automatically divide up the available bandwidth evenly between the computers using it

our internet is not that great, medium speeds and from time to time it slows way the hell down. this probably wouldn't be an issue for a single computer but with 5+ and everyone doing different things (streaming videos, torrents, me (trying to) game) it gets to be a real issue. it's also annoying that I can't simply view via the router how much bandwidth a given computer is using, only who's connected (is the internet screwed up or is steve's computer downloading a ton of ***?)

I've taken the 'easy' step of at least limiting everyone's upload in their torrent programs, but it's not really ideal having to go around and configure everyone's computer individually, I just want to set this stuff up at the source.

even individually limiting everyone's bandwidth by say installing Netlimiter or similar on their PCs wouldn't be great (besides the hassle of bothering them and messing around with their computers, which is just awkward), because if no one else is using the internet there's no reason one person shouldn't be able to hog the connection.
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  1. For this option looks like you re gonna have to set up a spare pc to be the gateway device, or to install the software in every computer you wish to manage

    there is also Firmware based solutions with tomato and dd-wrt

    Im gonna try tomato as i type!

    and a friendly how-to
  2. some of the gaming routers like d-links let you manage the connection. but i'm not sure to what level exactly
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