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I recently posted a forum concerning how my computer wouldn't boot and had many suggestions on checking all pieces of hardware on my machine. After thorough scans and tests, i found that i have a defective hard drive. So I was wondering if there is any way to somehow transfer/save/bring over the applications and files from my old Samsung HD501LJ to whatever my new hard drive will be.
Help is really really appreciated.
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  1. First off I would install a new hard drive and install windows and partition as desired.

    Once your up and running install the old hard drive as a secondary and attempt to transfer files over to the new hard drive. Not everything may be able to transfer but you should get most. That is of course if you can get the hard drive installed in the first place. Depends what is wrong with it.

    You can also download the low level format diagnostic utility form the manufacturer of your hard drive. Run that and run a scan on the hard drive and it will tell you if all is OK. If there is an error it sometimes gives you a code so you can receive a replacement via warranty. If the drive is under warranty get a new one. If the program says all is good then try a low level format and your drive may work like new.

    Lesson. Always have 2 hard drives in your computer cause someday 1 will fail. You want a backup so your computer still works. Think about it, the hard drive is the only mechanical part in the computer asside from the fans and cd-rom...but you can't afford to have the hard drive fail. Always have 2 so there is a spare until the new one arrives on warranty.

    If a video card fails after 2 years you don't care cause you'll want to upgrade it anyways. But a hard drive is a different story. You don't upgrade...you just use the capacity that you require and no more.
  2. when you say, always have 2, do you mean run them in raid? If so, I have no idea how any of that works but i am willing to give it a try for the future cuz this really does suck.
  3. I don't think he is talking about RAID. But if RAID, you want RAID1, not RAID0.

    I have multiple hard drives in all my desktops. The second drive in each has a full image of the boot partition stored on it with Acronis.

    A low level format will overwrite any data stored on the drive. And even if you could resurrect it by doing that, I would not trust the drive. It's already failed once. Pull all the data off that you can, then pitch it.
  4. Move the data off to another medium.

    The quickest way I found to check for possible problems is a run with HDTach, the end graph should display a graph that decreases gradually. Any big dips may indicate a problem, though I still recommend to try the next steps.

    Try a low level format.

    Use the manufacturer's scan tools (I really don't trust chkdsk), such as SeaTools, MaxBlast(?) or Western Digital Lifeguard Tools (?).

    If it pops up even one bad sector, rma the thing.
  5. yeah i already used sea tools, i already told u guys i ran tests and stuff, i got a lot of errors.
  6. is there a way to get all of my old information onto a new hard drive?
  7. Well your not giving us enough information. If your computer wont boot, then how did you run thorough scans and tests? And exactly what scans and tests did you run? What were the errors?

    If the hdd wont spin up, then the only way to get your data off is to take it to a recovery business. It will be expensive.
  8. no it spins, i can access it by running knoppix but i need options of way to move those files off the drive to the new one i'm getting.
  9. Gondo already suggested to you how you would do that....
  10. yeah but i don't know how to install 2 hard drives at once or install a secondary drive, is it hard to do?
  11. It's very simple, anyone here can walk you through it. You just gotta plug it in to power, run the sata cable to your motherboard and then format the drive and assign it a drive letter and it will show up in "my computer".
    Get yourself a Western Digital Black 32mb. Let us know when you get a new drive.
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