XFX 8800GT Problems...

Alright, straight to it...

Me and my GF are playing AoC... We wanted to upgrade her PC to play the game better... So, we got the 8800GT for graphics.

Specs :
Intel Pentium D 940.. or 920.. 3.2GHZ
2gigs DDR2-533
Abit IP-95
Orion HP585D PSU 585W
and of course the 8800GT...

Anyways, the PC won't boot... just a black screen. Everything gets power all the fans turn on and everything.. it makes a little noise... but everything seems to be fine.. I put the old graphics card in and it boots fine.. (8500GT.. why I replaced it..) I've checked everything all the connections and everything. The PSU should be good enough easily.. I don't know what's up.
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  1. man I wish my girlfriend would play pc games with me:(

    What type of mobo you got? but my first hunch would still be the power supply:s
  2. Abit IP-95
  3. It seems like your motherboard Abit IP-95 has a VIA P4M890 chipset, this seems to be a common problem between VIA chipset and the 8800 series.

    I don't really know if it is incompatible, but search on google for "VIA chipset and 8800" or something. I will promise you that you will find a answer for this problem.

    Maybe there is a way to flash your graphic card bios to make it work or you can just get a new motherboard, well try to search on google.
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